sweatblock clinical antiperspirantEver since this product was introduced, it has sparked interest among all people. This clinical strength antiperspirant comes in a towelette format. Note: This is a strong antiperspirant designed for people with excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis. If you’re looking for a deodorant check out our list here.

It’s an extra strong and effective antiperspirant, yet it’s safe and soothing on your armpit skin. It stops the embarrassment created by excessive sweating. It’s best applied at night, before you sleep, when your sweat glands are least active, for optimum results. Antiperspirant stains are no longer a problem either, as this product doesn’t leave any marks on your clothes.

The product claims to reduce sweat up to 7 days per single use, according to a consumer perception report made by SweatBlock.

It comes with the compliance of the FDA, being proudly manufactured in the United States.

People that benefit from the use of Sweatblock.

  • People suffering from hyperhidrosis
  • Women with menopausal sweating
  • Nervous sweating
  • Excessive underarm sweating in general (uniformed people, presenters and performers)

This product has been tested on the Show “Human Lab” to see if it lived up to the claims. Sweat Block was tested by a firefighter from Connecticut in extreme situations found in his job, and the antiperspirant passed all the tests.

How to apply:

  1. First, make sure your armpit skin is clean and dry. If you have excessive armpit air consider shaving it or trimming it.
  2. Press the towelette on your skin. Don’t rub it, as it may cause irritation.
  3. Allow the product to dry for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Go to sleep. Sweat Block will do its effect while your sweat glands are least active (during the night)

You can now safely wear colored shirts without worries, as this is a non-staining antiperspirant, that won’t leave marks on your clothes.

Sweat Block Antiperspirant