The use of deodorants is a must for most people with an active life. It doesn’t matter if you have an intense workout or an important meeting, you probably won’t leave home without applying your deodorant.

With over 2000 different brands of deodorants on the market, with different scents, different longevity, and some can even stop you from sweating altogether; Therefore choosing one that suits your skin and your perspiration problems can result difficult.

This list shows you the best deodorants in terms of effectivity, lasting effect and mildness on your skin.

Crystal Zen

crystal zenThis natural deodorant boasts having the following features:








A truly natural deodorant, Crystal Zen, similar to the Thai crystal deodorant is multifunctional, and can be used no multiple parts of your body, not only your armpits. It is considered to be one of the most effective deodorants available on the market today, proven to lengthen odor protection to up to 24 hours.

Because it’s aluminum-free it will allow your skin to breathe naturally for normal body detoxification.

If you suffer from foot odor, the Toe applicator that comes with this deodorant will help you apply on you heels and between your toes, to protect your feet form during the whole day.

Some might complain about the relatively high price of this product, compared to other cheaper solutions, but Crystal Zen will lasts up to one year of daily use.

Directions for usage:

Crystal Zen must be applied on freshly cleaned skin. Moisten the product with water and rub it gently for 20-30 seconds onto your previously cleaned, now dry skin.


Secret Outlast Unscented

secret outlast unscented Secret offers a big range of highly efficient deodorants, available in multiple formats and scents, to suit the needs of every person, and their different sweating problems.

One of the cheaper products in their deodorant range Secret outlast offers 48-hour protection in order to keep you fresh all day long. It will keep you confident, no matter the circumstances your day may bring. It easily goes on clear, and doesn’t leave residues on your armpits.

Keep in mind that the main, active ingredient of this product is Aluminum Zirconium, and it also contains alcohol, so if you have an excessively sensitive skin, or prone to rashes and irritations, you might want to choose another deodorant from Secret’s Range.


Secret Outlast is available in 2 formats:

Invisible Solid that goes on dry.

Clear Gel Goes on clear and doesn’t leave white marks.

secret different scents


DeodoMom Roll-On

deodomonDeodorants don’t come any more natural that Deodomom. Made weekly in small batches, this product only has TWO ingredients: Water and Magnesium Hydroxide (a mineral safe enough to eat that’s commonly used in antacids). It obviously doesn’t contain any trace of aluminum, alcohol, parabens, fragrance or colorants.

Deodomom is particularly suitable for people prone to toxins and skin irritants, such as pregnant women and adolescents.

It dries very quickly after application, and doesn’t leave any stains on your clothes, or any other type of residues.

An obvious question that arises when this product gets mentioned is:

-With only 2 ingredients, will it actually work?

Statistically, Deodomom has worked for 98% of people who used it. Of course it vastly depends on your skin type and sweat composition. Someone suffering hyperhidrosis, for example, will not have much success with this deodorant, and they will probably need to look into a clinical-strength antiperspirant.

Deodomom has a shell-life of one year if kept at room temperature, with the lid closely secured, to prevent the evaporation of the water it contains.


Secret Clinical strength

secret clinical strength smooth solidA stronger deodorant from Secret than the one mentioned before, Clinical strength, as its name implies is a prescription-strength antiperspirant that offers wetness protection alongside skin-soothing conditioners.

It has 4 times the wetness-protection required from a ordinary antiperspirant.

It was awarded the #1 product in its category by various beauty magazines in 2008-2010.


It comes in 10 different scents to suit all tastes:

Secret explains he different types of sweating like heat, activity and stress, and which one produces the worse smell. According to them stress sweat comes from a different gland, and causes more odor and bacteria. To prevent that, Secret engineered their formula to offer 4X the protection form stress sweat required from an average antiperspirant.


Degree Motion Sense

degree motionsenseFeaturing motion sense technology degree is a strong, long-lasting deodorant, which offers great protection and freshness. It carries a fragrance of rose, jasmine and other fruit scents, to give you a refreshing feeling that lasts the whole day. While it’s not entirely invisible, the small white stains that it leaves are unnoticeable.

It’s available in seven scents:

-Active Clean

-Fresh Energy

-Linen Dry

-Sexy Intrigue

-Sheer Powder

-Daily Fresh

-Peach Burst


Usage Instructions:

Turn the dial to raise the product, and apply a thin layer to your armpits.

We hope you enjoyed our list; If you have any suggestions for a deodorant in 2015, let us know in the comments.