If you suffer from excessive sweating, but you aren’t ready to make the jump to a full-blown antiperspirant, there are a couple of classic deodorants with antiperspirant features. There are a couple of things to take into consideration when choosing the adequate product: duration of protection, scent, and suitable ingredients to reduce irritation.

The best thing about these products is the fact that they are affordable and offer a good long lasting protection.


Best deodorant for men who sweat a lot

 Despite having a wide range of products to choose from, some deodorants may not give a good impression after using it. You might encounter problems with your skin, such as allergies, irritations, and even break outs. This is why we tried to investigate all the different choices, to provide you a narrowed down list of the safest and most efficient choices to manage your body odor and sweat.


  1. MenScience Advanced Deodorant

men science androceuticals advanced deodorantThe Advanced deodorant is aluminum-free, doesn’t stain clothes, and doesn’t have a scent. The formula contains micro zeolites, witch hazel, and tea tree extract that target the bacteria that causes the odor, to stop the unpleasant whiff at the source. It doesn’t leave any stains or residue that can stain your clothes.

 What do the users have to say about this product?

The majority of people who purchased this deodorant are satisfied with it. The fact that it doesn’t contain aluminum is a big advantage, and you can even use it if you wear cologne.

It lasts all day, and then some. You can apply it first thing in the morning and at the end of the day it’s still preventing you underarm odor.


  1. Baxter of California Citrus and Herbal-Musk Deodorant

 baxter california citrus herbal muskBaxter of California is an aluminum free deodorant, with a sensitive skin formula that protects against odor. It has a very good scent, without the fake chemical smell of other deodorants.

The odor protection lasts a long time, even under sweaty conditions. If you’re looking for a more natural deodorant that’s aluminum-free and without any of the other chemicals found in other brands, then Baxter of California is a very good choice.


3. Dove Men Care

dove men careDove Men care offers one of the greatest features that can be found in a deodorant: 48 hours protection. Their formula doesn’t contain irritant chemicals, thus being adequate for men with sensitive skin. It’s available in many different, refreshing scents like Cool Silver, Aqua Impact, Clean Comfort and Extra Fresh. It’s an excellent choice for men who sweat a lot.






Best deodorant for women who sweat a lot

This list of the best women deodorants products was made to help you with your purchase, by comparing the different important aspects of choosing the right products such as: scent, protection and the durability of protection.


  1. Toms Maine Naturally Dry for women

 toms maine antiperspirant deodorantTom’s Maine is a well-known, quality deodorant manufacturer, so this particular product doesn’t disappoint. It contains an anti-microbial olive leaf extract; it’s free of artificial preservatives and animal ingredients. It doesn’t stain clothes and doesn’t have a fragrance, so it can be used by both men and women.





  1. Oscar de la Renta Deodorant for women


oscar de la renta deodorant antiperspirantThis deodorant was first introduced in 1977 and has an exotic fragrance of Jasmine, Basil, Lavender and Sandalwood. It’s effective at suppressing perspiration, doesn’t stain clothes and has a very nice scent that works wonders under cologne.





  1. Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response Women’s Advanced Solid Serene Citrus Scent Antiperspirant & Deodorant


secret clinical strength stree responseThis deodorant can absorb odor all day long, while having a vibrant citrus fragrance. It also offers 4 times the protection from stress sweat vs wetness protection that’s required of an average antiperspirant.Being a clinical strenght antiperspirant it’s an excellent choice for women with excessive sweating.





These deodorants can be used by men and women who sweat a lot because of physical activites or stress.

What deodorant works best for excessive sweating?

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