Deodorants come in many forms and shapes: roll-on, body sprays and even cream. All these formats have advantages and disadvantages, for example with deodorant creams, you might over-apply the product, and it won’t last as long as a body spray deodorant.

The main advantage of body spray deodorants for men is that you can control the application without having to worry about using too much of it.


Old Spice Wild Collection Wolfthrorn Men’s body spray

Old Spice Wild Collection Wolfthrorn Men’s body sprayOld Spice has been making personal care products for men for over 50 years. They are also staple in deodorants and cologne. The wolfthorn body spray fights body odor all day long, while giving you a manly smell. 1 spray of this body spray can last all day long giving you the odor protection that no other deodorant can offer you.






Axe Essence Body spray Daily Fragrance

Axe Essence Body spray Daily FragranceThis body spray deodorant from Axe features fruity and spice notes in its fragrance, and also provides the protection of a deodorant. This will keep you not only odor-free, but also smelling great all day long. If you don’t like the spray format, you can also buy this deodorant in a deodorant stick format.






Bath and Body Works Deodorizing Body Spray

Bath and Body Works Deodorizing Body SprayThis deodorizing body spray comes with a refreshing blend of different fragrances like bergamot, nutmeg, patchouli, cedar wood and cypress. It has a fresh, masculine scent that might become musky and overpowering if you use too much, so be careful when applying it.






Jovan Musk Deodorant Spray

Jovan Musk Deodorant Body Spray for MenThis deodorant body spray comes with a refreshing scent of lavender and citrus with spices on top, to give it a very fresh and masculine fragrance that will impress any woman. It is quite effective as a deodorant; applying it under your armpits in the morning will give you odor and sweat protection all day long. If you’re looking for a Jovan scent in a deodorant format, then this is the product for you.





Body Brilliance~ Deodorant Spray 100% Natural

Body Brilliance Deodorant SprayThis natural deodorant doesn’t contain aluminum or parabens or any synthetic oils. It’s safe to use on all skin types and doesn’t leave any marks on your clothes. Their formula of algae extracts and seaweed is designed to eliminate the bacteria that causes body odor, allowing the body to perspire naturally as a way to cool and detoxify.


-Purified water

– Seaweed algae extract

– PEG-16 macadamia glycerides,

  • PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil,
  • Liquid crystal mineral salt
  • Lavandin oil
  • Patchouli oil
  • Spanish sage oil
  • Tea tree leaf oil
  • Cajeput oil
  • Lemon peel oil
  • Pine needle oil
  • Isopropyl alcohol.