If you have a serious sweating problem, a deodorant might not be powerful enough, and you need to use an antiperspirant. If you wonder what’s the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants is please read our article here.

These products are recommended to people with excessive sweating commonly associated with Hyperhidrosis, teen sweating, menopausal sweating and nervous sweating.

The use of antiperspirants comes with a compromise; most of them contain aluminum traces (the main ingredient in sweat blocking problems). Because the majority of these products are essentially non-prescription drugs make sure to fully read and comprehend the instructions and warnings.

Top 5  Picks

This is our top 5  picks. Keep in mind that if you have a very sensitive skin you must read carefully the product descriptions and usage instructions.

Sweat Block antiperspirant

sweatblock clinical antiperspirantThis particular product has received a lot of publicity lately, and we’re going to see if that reputation is well deserved.

Sweat Block is a clinical strength, FDA compliant antiperspirant formula that eliminates the problems and frustrations commonly associated with perspiration.

How to apply?

sweat block antiperspirant apply

Gently press the towel on your underarm; do not rub it as it may cause irritation. Wait for approximately 5 minutes for it to dry, and go to bed.

Sweat block will work better before bedtime, when your sweat glands are less active, and will last even after bathing/showering. The next morning you can bathe/shower and even use a regular deodorant or cologne. Like other antiperspirants, daily use isn’t required, and this particular product lasted up to 7 days per one use, according to consumer perception study. The package contains 8 individual towelletes. Check out our full review here.


Maxim Prescription-Strenght

maxim prescription strenght antiperspirantThis prescription-strength antiperspirant is directed at people who suffer from uncontrollable sweating and Hyperhidrosis. While store brands are watered down and just cover up the sweat, and prescription antiperspirants are too strong and can dry your skin, Maxim is extra-effective at stopping perspiration without containing alcohol. Apart from being an efficient perspiration product, it also takes care of body odor.





Speed Stick by Mennen Power

speed mennen antiperspirantThis is the most economic product on our list, and one of the most common. It comes in a solid, roll-on format and doesn’t substitute the smell of body odor for a scent, but removes it.

Some people consider it to be less effective than the old Sport Talc, which was discontinued, but it’s still a very solid antiperspirant. Like all products in this category, be careful when dressing so it doesn’t mark your shirts.





Certain Dri Roll-On

rsz_certain_dri_roll_on_anti_perspirantThis colorless, fragrance free antiperspirant is sold as a non-prescription drug (categorized as safe and effective in the review of non-prescription drugs). It’s an excellent choice to control moisture, inhibiting the release of sweat and absorbing it to control odor.

You must apply it sparingly before bedtime (the time when your sweat glands are less active), and it will not wear off after showering in the morning.

Depending on the severity of your sweating problem, you might discover that it’s not necessary to apply it every day.

Odaban  Spray

odaban anti perspirant sprayOdaban spray is an effective and safe antiperspirant, and has been for over 35 years. Studies have shown that the ingredients do no stop the sweat glands from working, and the dry effect is produced by poral “plugs”. Some users report that with only one use the protection lasts for almost a week. To achieve optimal results, apply a very light spray to each armpit before going to bed. Make sure to apply only a small quantity of the product (with your fingers or a cotton ball), as spraying it directly on your armpits might release an excessive quantity.



Best aluminum free antiperspirant

While finding deodorants without aluminum is an easy task, aluminum it is the main component of antiperspirants, blocking the sweat pores, and preventing perspiration. Companies started to research for natural alternatives to aluminum to be used in their antiperspirant products.

These products, unlike deodorants, will address the wetness issue of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).


HyperDri aluminum-free

hyperdri2HyperDri is one of the first antiperspirants without aluminum ever sold. It was created for people with sensitive skin or allergies/intolerances for aluminum compounds.

How to use:

  • Depress pump twice onto your fingers and gently massage the solution into your skin.
  • Because of the lack of aluminum, it may take longer to shrink your pores. (Perspiration will start to decrease after only 1 week, and full protection will take effect after 1 month, if you don’t skip any day)

The spray comes in a bottle that usually lasts for 60 days.

It is one of the first aluminum free products on the market, using only natural and organic ingredients.

Purax Pure pads.

purax pure paddsThese self-adhesive pads that you can easily apply to your underarms claim to offer protection and prevent body odor for a long time.


They are unnoticeable and comfortable, and only contain natural ingredients.

Purax pure pads are very effective, even for the heaviest sweat. It will absorb all the sweat and odor, and most people say that it lasts all day long.

We hope you enjoyed our countdown of products that can be used for perspiration.





What is the best antiperspirant for men?

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