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Finding the a good deodorant seems like an easy task; you simply go to the store and buy the first one that pops in your eyes, right?

Well, it is not that easy. There are so many different products, from different companies, offering different characteristics that it might get overwhelming.




First off, let’s start with a few basic concepts:

This is our top 5 deodorants for men, according to customer reviews. Keep in mind that when it comes to fragrance and smell everyone has their own preferences, some people might prefer a smooth, woodsy flavor, and some might not enjoy it. Because of that, we will concentrate of comparing the effectiveness of the deodorants, if they are suitable for men with sensitive skin, and how long does their effect last.


Ozone Layer- Unscented

ozone layer deodorant unscentedOzone layer contains oxygen infused with shea butter and beeswax to eliminate anaerobic bacteria (the core cause of body-odor).

Their deodorants are not tested on animals and don’t contain any harmful chemicals such as aluminum, Propylene Glycol, or parabens.


It can be applied in the morning, preventing body-odor all day, or it can be utilized after physical activity and sweating, as it eliminates the bacteria that causes the odor.

Ozone Layer uses medicinal grade oils to generate various fragrances, but it also comes in an unscented version, if men want to wear cologne after applying the deodorant. If you want a good smelling deodorant check our best smelling deodorants list.

What do the reviews say?

Men are generally satisfied with this product. It lasts for a very long time (5-7 months on average) and succeeds at keeping the smell away. It also also contains shea butter, an ingredient used in many other skincare products.

One little negative point that someone mentioned was the fact that it has a strong smell that fortunately disappears after few minutes. All in all this is a very promising deodorant, guaranteed to keep the smell away.


Old Spice classic

old spice deodorantOld Spice hardly needs any presentation. They are one best and longest running; most recognized brands of men’s skincare products.

The product they offer in the deodorant market is simply called “Classic”. A cheap, effective roll-on for men that does it job very effectively.

It comes in a gel format, and it’s great at preventing the odor, not just covering it up. Old Spice has a mild scent that lightens as the day passes, but the body odor protection will last throughout the whole day. It has been a staple in men’s deodorants for decades.

Make sure to not confuse this for an antiperspirant, this is a classic deodorant-only, and doesn’t prevent sweat or wetness.




Gillete Clinical Strength

gillette clinical strentghGillete clinical strength is designed for heavy sweaters, but can provide prescription-strength protection to anyone with worries about excessive perspiration.

It doesn’t contain aluminum chloride (which can be irritating to the underarm skin), but rather utilizes a patented formula called Triple Protection Technology with active ingredients against irritation.

More than 95% of doctors that were surveyed endorse the use of this product to control excessive perspiration.

You should apply this deodorant before bedtime, when your body’s temperature and sweat proportion slow down. A morning re-application might not be required, because of the effectiveness of this deodorant, even if you bathe or shower after application.

Be careful as it comes in a cream format, in a tube with various small holes, and it’s very easy to roll out too much and apply too much. Only use a small amount at a time.

As for the scent, it has a simple “clean” scent that wears down as you wear, and won’t compete with your cologne for the smell, so men can safely wear their favorite cologne on top of it.


Herban Cowboy Natural Grooming

herban cowboy deodorantThis deodorant doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals such as aluminum, alcohol, parabens or propylene glycol. Considering the fact that Herban Cowboy a natural product, its price is on par with non-organic deodorants. It dries quickly, smells great, and lasts for at least 8 hours (which is standard for a natural deodorant).

One stick lasts for 4-5 months on average.






Tom’s of Maine Men’s Long Lasting

toms maine lasting deodorantAnother natural entry on our list, the Long Lasting doesn’t contain any aluminum or propylene glycol. The company that produces it pioneered the idea of sustainable, natural personal care products back in 1970, offering cruelty-free, halal and kosher certified deodorants.

It has the power to cancel body odor and is clinically-proven to last 24 hours.

They even make public their IPS (the ingredient, purpose and source) of their products, and want you know each and every one of them.


The long lasting deodorant doesn’t have artificial preservatives and produces a 100% natural scent from organic oils.


Hope you enjoyed our article on how to choose the best mens deodorant.